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Opportunities for biodegradable PLA sticsExpected to double in size in the future

Since the birth of biodegradable PLA stics, its future is to re PLA ce most of the ordinary PLA stic bags in the market, so the market prospect is very broad. At present, driven by carbon neutrality, energy transformation and environmental protection policies, unprecedented opportunities are ushered in. In 2021, the global production capacity of biodegradable PLA stics will be about 1.5 million tons. According to forecasts, by the end of 2022, the new demand for biodegradable PLA stics is expected to reach 2.27 million tons. By 2025, the new demand for degradable PLA stics is expected to reach 4 million tons. The market size of China’s degradable PLA stics is about 20.9 billion US dollars, and the future space is very broad.

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