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Our Partner Story – Innisfree


As a beauty-loving person, since my skin is very dry and sensitive, I always pay attention to cosmetics with natural ingredients. For example, Innisfree which is founded in South Korea in 2000 is made known to every girl in the world. till now, I used their lotions always.


I am so pleased that we have a chance to work with them in November 2021!  They are looking for a new package which is launched in the US and Europe markets.

“Since it’s for influencers” the buyer who from Innisfree Dep Said, finally we suggest the solution way is make with digital printing.

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It is much favorable for testing small quantities item, and also fast delivery, good printing effect, saves the cost of traditional process plate making. It is a huge convenience for the small-scale trial operation of the project! See attached Pic. 


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