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Our Partner Story – KUKU


KUKU is mainly engaged in daily lip therapy and jewelry and was established in 2014.Since 2015, they come to work with us. They told us the letter S on the neck was one of my favorite pieces of jewelry since my childhood. Therefore, the bag is contain to the letter and logo. Attached is 3 side sealing bag with zipper, and it suitable for jewelry packaging. Also as he placed emphasis on the choice of the colors it was important for me to choose the right material of the chains. he wanted to have them made of high quality stainless steel, which is considered as a material of the new millennium.

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He also think that the packaging is very important so he paid great attention to it. Their philosophy is the same as our company and we deeply know only services could make sure the long term business.

Beside 3 side sealing bag with zipper, we also make the bag for shopping bag and slide zipper bag.

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