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Packaging bag and carton watermarking process–Ink Knowledge Encyclopedia

one, Characteristics of water-based inks for corrugated paper printingWater-based inks are roughly divided into two categoriesa Rosin-maleic acid modified resin series (low-grade)bAcrylic resin series(upscale )two,Requirements for water-based ink performance1.After long-term storage of the precipitate, it should be easily redispersed after agitation2.Have good flow properties and viscosity3.Have good storage stability;4.The drying performance should be fast and appropriate;5.Must not have any adverse effect on printing plates and printing presses . 6.Can not have too much irritating odor;three, water-based inktechnical parameter 1Color: similar to the standard patternNote: The test sample and the standard sample are similar but not connected with the manual color development wheel for color development comparison 2Fineness: less than20micronsinstrument:0-50Micron Scraper Fineness Meter.3Viscosity:20second±5Second instrument:RIGOSHA4#cup(25°C).4pH:8.0- 9.55Instrument: Portable pH meter (PHB-2type )..Heavy metal content: in line with the world’s green packaging standards .6Durability meets requirementsFour, Correct use requirements of water-based ink1.It should be fully stirred before use to keep the ink composition uniform;2.After opening and use, the ink storage should be immediately closed with a cover,With dust and dust fall off and crust dry;3.If the remaining ink contains impurities, it should be filtered first, and then used together with new ink;4.Please avoid close to high temperature or scorching sun during storage . 5If it is found that the viscosity of the applied ink is slightly larger, it can be adjusted by adding an appropriate amount of water.

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