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Packaging bag design points

Custom printing of packaging bags will have some tolerances in the production process. In order to avoid the aesthetics of the packaging bags due to tolerance problems during the bag making process, it is necessary to use some skills in the design process to avoid these problems and improve fault tolerance. Vacuum packaging bags, tea packaging bags 1. The use of color, in the design process, we must first reserve the edge sealing position of 8~10mm, and the top zipper part is 30mm~40mm from the top (generally 30mm). The printed content should be controlled within the edge-sealing, and the edge-sealing position should be in solid color or scrambled version as much as possible. This method applies to all bag types. 2. Use margins, when using asymmetric printing patterns and full-page printing, the bag type that can be sealed on three sides can be left blank to improve the fault tolerance of the packaging bag. Vacuum packaging bags, tea packaging bags 3. The bottom and sides of the packaging bags are treated with solid color, and the nutritional composition table on the back is controlled within the edge sealing line. Most bags are designed in one way to avoid tolerance issues during production. The second method is relatively limited to the bag type sealed on three sides.

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