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Packaging bag printing – attention points for spot color ink deployment

What do we need to do in the ink toning process? [Packaging bag printing] 1. The degree of color proximity; when using inks of several hues for color matching, the setting inks with similar colors should be used as the main color inks for the deployment of spot color inks. 2. The principle of similar color matching; in the process of color matching, it is necessary to choose the varieties of similar inks, because the more varieties of natural color inks, the higher the achromatic ratio, which can uce the brightness and saturation of natural color inks. So it can be made with one co-color, not two co-colors. It can be made with two co-colors, not three co-colors. Use as little ink as possible for blending. 3. Consistency of printing inks: In the color matching of spot color inks, the same type of ink produced by the ink factory should be selected as much as possible. The color saturation of the setting ink is higher than that of two inks. Different manufacturers, different models, and different brands of ink cannot be mixed, otherwise it will affect the gloss of the printing after mixing, the firmness of the printed layer, and may even cause the ink to be jelly-like. Vacuum packaging bags, tea packaging bags . When the diluent is too much, the drying effect needs to be increased.

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