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Packaging materials suitable for tea packaging bags

At present, there are many kinds of tea packaging bags on the market. Plastic bags and aluminum foil bags are also the most used of many materials because of their good use characteristics. Let me share with you the materials of the most commonly used packaging bags. Polyethylene bags or PE bags are widely used packaging materials at present. Generally speaking, there are two kinds of polyethylene bags: low-density polyethylene bags and high-density polyethylene bags. Low-density polyethylene bags have high moisture permeability and air permeability, while high-density polyethylene bags are smaller. PE bags have the advantages of economy, low price and good moisture resistance, but their disadvantages are poor light transmission and air resistance, and cannot be used alone for tea packaging. It is best to add a layer of outer packaging with light-shielding and low air permeability, such as synthetic paper cans, iron cans, etc. PE bags have high air permeability, and it is difficult to solve the problem of oxygen in the packaging bags. They are not ideal packaging materials. The aluminum foil laminated bag is elegant in appearance and has the advantages of opaque, moisture-proof and oxygen-resistant. However, the price is higher than PE bags, and there may be extrusion problems when used alone. Aluminum foil laminated bags can be treated with vacuum or nitrogen or deoxidizer, and can be combined with packaging boxes or synthetic paper cans to completely solve the problems of tea moisture-proof, air-resistant, light-proof, and oxygen-free storage. Low-temperature storage is the most ideal method for tea preservation . The above is all about “packaging bag materials suitable for tea packaging bags”.


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