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Why do packaging proofing fees need to be collected?

Why do packaging proofing fees need to be collected?

Nowadays, the industry attaches great importance to samples when buying cosmetics, and other products are also given as samples to test. The packaging industry is no exception. There are also special samples in the packaging industry, but now most of the products are customized by customers, and some samples we only have generic bags or produced by previous customers. So the customer needs us to provide samples, why should we charge him?

packaging proofing fees
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  Why do I need packaging proofing fee? Because it is customized according to customer’s requirements, and printing requires machine loss, ink loss, etc., so we will charge a proofing fee. If you need a printing version, you also need to make a color version, and this version is also available.

Why packaging proofing fee is expensive, one is from the need to make plates, the second is the production of small quantities as well as the wear and tear on the machine, so the cost is higher.

Of course, when a certain amount is accumulated, the printing proofing fee is a drop in the bucket, so customers do not need to get too hung up on proofing fees.

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Why do packaging proofing fees need to be collected?

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