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Pay attention to these four points to make plastic packaging bags reusable

There are four conditions that determine whether a packaging bag can be used twice or multiple times: the first is the material of the packaging bag, the second is the design of the packaging bag structure, the third is the items contained in the packaging bag, and the last is the user’s preference for using the packaging bag. Habit. Below, Shenzhen yltpacking will analyze these four conditions with you. First: the packaging bag material problem. If the material is not properly selected, the performance of the material will be very poor, such as no wear resistance, poor ductility, easy to break, etc. Plastic packaging bags will be subjected to various loads during the process of loading packaged items, such as: impact, friction, extrusion , stretching, etc., can easily cause the bag to break and deform, and the material properties have a great influence on the service life of the plastic bag. Second: the design of the packaging bag structure. If there are problems in structural design, plastic bags for large items need thicker walls, and the width of vest bags also needs to be widened to prevent damage. Third: the items in the bag. The plastic bags themselves cannot be made too thick, so more attention should be paid to what they contain. Second, don’t put anything too heavy to carry, or it will cause the bag to break. Sharp objects cannot be placed in the bag, as it is extremely easy to puncture the bag. Fourth: the habit of using packaging bags. Since the price of plastic packaging bags is relatively low, users often do not pay attention to the protection of plastic packaging bags or directly use them as one-time use. When using plastic packaging bags, care should be taken to avoid bumps, so that the service life of the packaging bags will be greatly improved.

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