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PE Material easy tear film characteristics

How about PE easy tear film? Let me tell you a little bit about it! PE easy-tear film is widely used in all kinds of food, medicine, and cosmetic packaging. This kind of PE easy-tear film packaging is usually composed of OPP matte, PET, pure aluminum, and PE. Many well-known masks and high-end condoms are packaged with this kind of PE easy-tear film. Due to the excellent performance of shading, moisture-proof, air-tightness, and barrier properties of this kind of PE easy-tear film packaging, the user experience and convenience of use are greatly improved. Characteristics of PE easy-tear film: 1. Excellent composite fastness; 2. Low tear strength, easy to tear both longitudinally and laterally after bag making; 3. Low unsealing temperature, PE easy-tear film is suitable for high-speed automatic packaging ; 4. Lower n-hexane precipitation to meet the hygienic performance of medicines; 5. PE easy-tear film is suitable for independent packaging of various daily necessities and medicines.

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