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PE packaging film reference standard

PE packaging roll film is processed into a film-like fixed form with a thickness of 0.002-0.3mm by blowing or casting. PE packaging roll film occupies an increasing share in the market, and is widely used in logistics, express delivery, food and medicine and other industries, bringing convenience to life. The packaging roll film has basic functions, considering the special needs of commodity protection, promotion, adaptability to packaging machinery and other applications. If the plastic roll film has no protective effect on the packaged goods, causing damage or depreciation of the goods, it loses its value. The protective function of plastic film for commodities is multi-faceted, and different packaging forms of commodities have different emphasis on the protection function requirements. Barrier performance refers to the performance of plastic films to prevent oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and other gases from passing through, as well as aroma, water vapor and other substances. Light transmittance and haze are important indicators to determine the visibility and clarity of the packaged goods, and they have a great relationship with the display effect of the goods. Gloss refers to the reflective ability of the plastic film when exposed to light, expressed as a percentage of the reflected light brightness of the sample in the normal reflection direction relative to the standard surface. It is often necessary to consider the high and low temperature resistance of the film, such as refrigeration, especially the use of plastic packaging roll film for frozen food, which needs to have good low temperature resistance; plastic packaging film for cooking food, which needs to have good high temperature resistance, etc. .

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