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PE plastic bag with PO How to identify plastic bags

1. The PE material is very soft and transparent, but the thicker PE bag will feel a little milky white, but it will not affect the products in the see-through bag. The sound is very soft when pinched, and the hand feel is also very soft. It is used to protect the inner packaging of the product and will not scratch the product; the Po will have a brittle sound and a hard feel, but the same thickness will feel thicker. 2. When the PO material is pinched, it will be very loud and sound crunchy; when the PE material is picked up, there is almost no sound from the friction of the material. When we use plastic cling film and food packaging bags, we should pay attention that such food packaging bags are not heat-resistant. Usually, ordinary PE cling film will appear hot-melting when the temperature exceeds 110 °C, leaving some human bodies that cannot be decomposed. of plastic preparations. In China, YLTpacking plastic bags are often wrapped in plastic wrap for heating, and the fat in the food can easily dissolve the harmful substances in the plastic wrap and enter the food. But it can be used to refrigerate non-greasy fruits and vegetables. Wrapping the hair with plastic wrap during perm will also cause harmful substances to enter the scalp under high temperature conditions, causing headaches and hair loss symptoms. In our daily life, the most frequently contacted plastic products: food packaging bags, plastic wrap, plastic lunch boxes, plastic tea cups, plastic chopsticks, disposable fast food boxes, disposable tea cups, and many more. The normal use of these plastic products seems to be no problem. The problem is that we will use them repeatedly and use them beyond the scope.

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