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PEMaterial packaging bags can hold food?

In daily life, for convenience and quickness, many people use supermarket plastic packaging bags to directly hold food, which may have become a habit. However, not all supermarket plastic bags can be used to pack food because they are made of different materials.Usually customized polyethylene plastic bags are usually divided into two types:New and recycled materials. Frequent use of recycled plastic polyethylene plastic bags for food can affect people’s health. Most of the black, red, blue and other dark polyethylene plastic bags used in the market are reprocessed from recycled waste plastic bag products. It is strictly forbidden to directly package food.Most recycled materials are recovered from waste plastics, industrial waste and plastic waste collected by medical institutions. They can be regenerated without disinfection. Plastic bags made of this material are used to package cooked food, which may lead to the generation of harmful substances. Long-term use may cause cancer.Therefore, when choosing polyethylene plastic bags as food bags, we must use plastic packaging bags made of new raw materials. However, even if the food is in a plastic bag, it should not be used to hold freshly prepared fried food, such as the fried dough sticks we often eat for breakfast. Because plastic bags are only110It is not easy to decompose below ℃, so the packaging temperature should not exceed100Aqueous foods in degrees Celsius are usually no problem.However, the temperature of fried food just out of the pot, such as fried dough sticks, far exceeds the tolerance temperature of the food bag, which may lead to the production of harmful substances.

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