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Pet Food Packaging Bag – Classic Material Matching!

Anyone who has purchased pet food bags knows that regular manufacturers will ask about the size or material of pet food bags. The size only needs to be fitted with the sample bag from the manufacturer. The most troublesome thing is the material. confirmed. With different materials, the quality and printing effect will be different. So how to determine the material of the packaging bag? 1. If you have time, you can go directly to the supermarket to go shopping, in order to better feel the difference in materials in the actual situation. If you have a favorite product, you can buy it directly, and then find the manufacturer to decompose and confirm the material! 2. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have time. Below I will list some classic and commonly used materials for your reference; food bags, food packaging bags matte film/PET/AL/PE: bright film/PET as shown in the picture /AL/PE: As shown in the picture PET/PE: As shown in the picture, the above is the combination of materials used in pet food packaging bags currently on the market. Of course, I just listed them here. I want to know more materials. For matching, you can contact our manufacturer, we can give you some suggestions based on past experience and your actual situation.

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