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PEWhat is the effect of medium additives on composite strength?

PEThe effects of medium additives on composite strength are as follows: 1,PEAfter standing for a short time, the slip will migrate to thePEOn the surface of the film, a very dense layer is formed, which blocks the adhesive and thePEbonding of the membrane surface, resulting in the inability of the adhesive toPEMolecular contact, resulting in a significant decrease in the composite initial viscosity. The composite strength remains low even with increasing curing time. 2, The initial viscosity of the composite is acceptable, but as the curing time increases, the composite strength becomes lower and lower, and a layer of white powdery substance appears between the two layers. This is due to productionPEhigh slipperinessPEThe raw material, due to the high content of the slip agent in the film, is subjected to high temperature (40~50During the curing process, the movement of the lubricant molecules in the film intensifies, and a large number of these molecules migrate to both sides of the film.PEThe physical bonding process between molecules destroys the newly formed weak bonding force. The longer the time, the stronger the destructive force and the lower the composite strength.

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