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PLA Modified materials have a wide range of applications

Polylactic acid ( PLA ) is linked by ester bonds between lactic acid monomers, so its degradation is completed by breaking the ester bonds. Its waste products can be rapidly degraded under natural conditions, and finally degraded into carbon dioxide and water, without burdening the environment. The application field of PLA is limited by the material itself, and the application range of PLA modified materials is indeed very wide. The biodegradable properties of PLA make it an excellent biomedical material. At present, surgical sutures, bone repair materials, drug-controlled release materials, and vascular stents containing PLA components have been developed. After PLA has been modified by blending and toughening, it can re PLA ce the original film bag products, such as shopping bags, garbage bags and agricultural mulch films. Commonly used formula systems include biodegradable polymer materials such as PBS or PBAT. This type of agricultural film can be completely degraded under composting conditions, minimizing the pollution of agricultural film to the land. Due to the non-toxicity and good mechanical properties of PLA , it is suitable for processing into a variety of food packaging. For example, Wal-Mart uses PLA packaging materials in the packaging of bread, fried rings and other foods, and uses the high-quality air permeability of PLA to improve the taste of food. Generally speaking, the use of biodegradable PLA stics is the general trend. The Chinese government has begun to encourage the use of biodegradable PLA stics in policy.

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