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PLA stic bagorPaper bags or biodegradable bags?

For shopping bags, do you guys use paper bags or PLA stic bags? Whenever we go shopping and check out, we may have this question.Given the pros and cons of paper bags versus PLA stic bags, some environmentalists are also confused by this simple choice. Experts say that the raw material of paper bags is wood, and PLA stic bags are crude oil. To make the shopping bags Americans use each year, they need to consume1400million trees, or1200million barrels of oil. Producing paper bags causes more air pollution than producing PLA stic bags70%. But once PLA stic bags are produced, they are difficult to decompose naturally. They can last for hundreds or even thousands of years.American grocery stores often opt for PLA stic bags due to their lower production costs. But San Francisco restricts the use of PLA stic bags. from4Starting in January, the city will only allow the use of biodegradable or recycled paper bags. Biodegradable PLA stic bags break down in months, not centuries.Whether it’s paper or PLA stic bags, environmentalists advocate the same thing: Recycle them. They further point out that the best option is of course to use a cloth bag and keep it with you.paper bagPKSome basic data of PLA stic bags:paper bag:The production of paper bags produces more air pollution and water pollution than the production of PLA stic bags, respectively70%and50times.2000A PLA stic bag weighs approx.30lb,2000A paper bag weighs approx.280pounds, while discarded paper bags take up even more space. Recycling a pound of PLA stic bags requires less energy than a pound of paper bags91%, the energy consumed to produce paper bags is more than four times that of PLA stic bags. PLA stic bag:The world consumes annually5000billion or10000billion PLA stic bags. PLA stic bags are not biodegradable, but they are photodegradable. Under the action of sunlight, they can decompose by themselves. High-density polyethylene PLA stic bags will not rot if they are buried in the ground for hundreds of years. PLA stic bags are most common along U.S. coasts10One of the garbage. talk0510-88757499

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