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Points that packaging bag manufacturers should pay attention to when producing aluminum foil packaging bags

Packaging bag manufacturers should pay attention to the points when producing aluminum foil packaging bags: Aluminum foil packaging bags can generally be divided into three or more raw materials. Through a series of combination processes, aluminum foil packaging bags are finally transformed into multifunctional composite aluminum foil bags. Aluminum foil bags have many features and uses. The following three points should be paid attention to during the production process, Shenzhen yltpacking Plastic Products Co., Ltd. will tell you in detail below: Aluminum foil packaging bags are divided into three layers: printing layer, functional layer and heat-sealing layer. In the process of processing, many quality accidents are often found. For example, the effectiveness of heat sealing is getting worse and worse. The key factors affecting the sealing effect are heat sealing temperature, heat sealing time and heat sealing pressure. Three key factors determine each other. 1. Heat-sealing temperature Heat-sealing temperature is the most direct factor affecting the sealing effect, and the heat-sealing strength will be greatly enhanced, but when the temperature rises to a certain level, the heat-sealing strength will continue to change. Once the temperature is too high, the heat-sealing material will be damaged The sealing part, that is, the phenomenon of “cutting”, greatly reduces the heat sealing temperature. 2. Sealing time The sealing time also indicates that the aluminum foil packaging bag processing process will be improved to a high level. Under a certain pressure, heat sealing temperature, and sealing time, the effect of integrating the heat sealing layer will be more complete. become more solid. 3. Heat-sealing pressure The heat-sealing pressure of aluminum foil bags can generally be accepted up to 20N/Cm, but when the thickness of the composite film is increased, the heat-sealing pressure will increase. If the heat-sealing pressure cannot be reached, it will be Not meeting the requirements. However, if the heat-sealing pressure is too high, the heat-sealing material will be squeezed. This will affect the sealing effect and reduce the sealing strength.

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