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Poisoned food packaging bags appear in the Netherlands

Overseas Network, November 15th. According to the Dutch Micro Life report, it is said that the quality of food in the Netherlands is the most reassuring, whether it is the product itself or the packaging. However, recently, there have been frequent media reports of food safety issues in the Netherlands, and various recall orders have also made consumers “frightened”. Recently, another piece of bad news about Dutch food came out, but this time the problem was not the food itself, but the food packaging! This is not the first time that the news of “toxic packaging bags” has been reported. Earlier, Foodwatch, the Netherlands Food Safety Authority, randomly checked 12 brands of food in many Dutch supermarkets such as Albert Heijn, Jumbo, Aldi and Lidl, and 9 of them did not meet the standards. These bags contain a carcinogenic aromatic hydrocarbon mineral oil called MOAH and are mostly used to package products such as pasta and macaroni. Subsequently, the Food Safety Authority warned supermarkets and manufacturers to stop using such toxic packaging. Most supermarkets do it, except Aldi. Vacuum bags, tea bags As a result, Foodwatch, the Dutch food safety authority, forced the drop of two of Aldi’s pasta products, D’Antelli Tagliatelle and D’Antelli Tagliolini. A spokesman for the Food Safety Authority said they had warned Aldi several times, but the supermarkets had been slow to act, so they had to force them to remove the two products. So what is this carcinogenic aromatic hydrocarbon mineral oil called MOAH? MOAH, a by-product of oil refining, is found in the ink on food wrappers; as a result, MOAH has the potential to seep into the food. Although eating a small amount of MOAH mineral oil will not cause great harm to the human body, it may cause adverse effects if it accumulates for a long time, especially for children with relatively weak immunity. The European Food Safety Authority has also announced that MOAH mineral oil is harmful to human health, can cause tissue damage, and even has the risk of carcinogenicity and organ mutagenesis. However, you don’t need to worry too much. The Netherlands Food Regulatory Authority also emphasized that a small amount of MOAH mineral oil will not have a great impact on your health. They will also continue to strictly investigate and uce food bags containing MOAH toxic substances​ to ensure the safety of the public.

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