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Poor air tightness of packaging bags

Some dry foods such as biscuits and tea or foods that require aroma retention require good air tightness in packaging bags, as well as good air tightness in vacuumed and inflatable packaging bags.Affecting the air-tightness of the package, in addition to leaking and pressing through, for back seals, side seals, gusset bags and pocket bottom bags, it is necessary to achieve a good airtightness at the point where the number of layers of the composite film changes at the edge-sealing position. Only by increasing the fluidity of the resin and making it fully fused. The general method is to increase the temperature and pressure of the resin to improve the fluidity of the resin or use local reinforcement to solve it. but,CPPThe composite film ratio of the inner layerPEIt is more difficult for the composite film as the inner layer to achieve good air tightness under the same conditions.Company website:

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