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Possibility of printing newspapers on packaging bags

It is reported that there have been a large number of traditional paper media before, and the print version has been cancelled, including more than 20 newspapers and magazines such as the IT media PC World, Seattle Post, Psychological Monthly, News Evening News, Daily News, Real Estate Times, New Era of Science and Technology, Education and Publishing, and Zawen Newspaper. The suspension of these paper media should be a certain necessity in the network era, and also a helpless choice for some paper media after encountering the impact of emerging media. Some public opinion also sighed: Who will be the paper media that will be closed in 2015? No matter who, there will be. However, although some paper media will withdraw from people’s view in the future, after all, they will not all withdraw from suspension, and what remains will continue to develop and strive to grow. Newspapers have vitality, and the vitality of newspapers can last forever. It depends on whether our journalists, readers and writers have done a scientific and reasonable job of protecting our beloved paper media. What I want to say is that if printing enterprises are involved in running newspapers, I believe that the adolescence of newspapers will be prolonged for a long time. Some people may say that the printing factory does not just print newspapers and magazines. Do you expect the printing factory to help newspapers keep their youth forever? Yes, I am optimistic about the development and growth of printing enterprises in recent years. I am optimistic that printing enterprises are not only printing newspapers and magazines, but also believe that newspapers can rely on the growth of printing enterprises to develop themselves. If the newspaper is printed on the bag, is it OK? I will answer first, yes! The characteristics of paper media are tangible paper objects. A newspaper is not only a print media with text information, but also a piece of paper. What can a piece of paper do? There are many things that can be done, and the printing enterprises have wisdom. For example, who doesn’t need paper printed bags? Supermarkets can replace plastic bags that are difficult to degrade with paper degradable packaging bags, which is also a low-carbon behavior in response to the national “plastic restriction” initiative. If our newspaper office dares to print some newspapers on paper packaging bags while publishing and printing newspapers normally, then the packaging bags are no longer simply packaging bags, but “media” packaging bags with “readability”. The surface area of the packaging bag can completely match the newspaper pages of different specifications. In addition to five surfaces of the packaging bag (the surface area of the packaging bag without a cover should be the surface area of the parallelepiped minus one surface), there is an internal equivalent area that can be used. Of course, the packaging bag itself also needs to print some words and patterns that reflect “their own functions”. But if the newspaper office prints the newspaper on the packaging bag, I believe the designers of the printing enterprise will handle this problem well. In addition, compared with the rapid, fast and convenient development of emerging media such as the Internet and mobile phone WeChat, paper media is at a disadvantage, but its physical features and extension of other functions are incomparable to computers and mobile phones. We can roughly say that newspapers can basically have all the functions that paper can have, because newspapers are not only newspapers, but also paper. For example, we can spend one or two yuan to buy a newspaper while waiting for the bus at the station, and then use it as a cushion and packaging after browsing. Most of the napkins, shoeshine papers and hand wipes in hotels and guesthouses are disposable, so can our newspapers extract some content or print headline news on them? Some people may think that this idea is fantastic. But we should know that our human progress starts from the whim. Without the initial “whimsy”, there would be no later “dream come true”. Desire, vision, imagination, exploration… All these blue print sprouts are the seeds that may induce the flower of “career success”. Do you expect people who are unwilling to sow seeds in their hearts to have many career sprouts? Now, the continuous development of printing enterprises will certainly bring new development space for the growth of paper media such as newspapers, which were born only by printing. Therefore, the new normal of today’s paper media should be based on the tangible characteristics of paper media and the indispensable reality of paper in people’s daily life to make their own development plans and vision. People in life not only need all kinds of paper packaging bags, but also need more objects that only paper materials can do, and these objects are irreplaceable by computers and mobile phones. I firmly believe that only paper media can take the lead on the issue of “media substitution”. Therefore, I would like to “whimsically” put forward suggestions to the paper media, considering that printing enterprises should not only be solely responsible for printing, but also weigh the functional role of paper print media and all paper objects in the world (even including cloth, plastic and other similar paper objects), and then choose the best to bind them together to gradually establish a new normal of mutual benefit and win-win results. Is this not enough to extend the youth and life span of the paper media?

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