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Precautions for nozzle packaging bags

Nozzle packaging bags are mainly divided into ordinary nozzle bags and high temperature resistant nozzle bags. Ordinary nozzle bags are mainly concerned with safety, firmness, and reusability issues, such as liquid packaging bags and laundry detergent packaging bags. For high-temperature cooking bags, food safety issues must be considered, and how to ensure that the material solvent ink will not be dissolved during the high-temperature cooking process of the packaging bags. And it can also ensure that the nutritional content of the product is not lost and tasted. Vacuum packaging bags, tea packaging bags 1. Ordinary suction nozzle packaging bags 1. Common materials recommended PET/PE, PA/PET/PE, PET/PE/aluminized/YOPP, PET/PE/YOPP, etc. 2. Ordinary suction nozzles The material solvent of the packaging bag does not have particularly high requirements, as long as the material can be guaranteed to have stable chemical properties, non-toxic and tasteless at room temperature, and will not decompose. There is a certain anti-acid, alkaline, anti-blasting rate! 3. Control the friction coefficient of the film, and the outer surface of the packaging bag film should maintain good smoothness when the automatic filling machine is filling, so that the automatic packaging machine can increase the fluidity of the liquid during high-speed operation. Fill it. 4. Pay attention to the nature of the material when matching the material. If the material is too soft, the tension of the nozzle packaging bag will be poor, there will be no three-dimensional sense, and it will easily break under the tension of the high-speed automatic filling machine. 2. High-temperature cooking nozzle packaging bag 1. Common materials recommended three-layer material: PET/pure aluminum/RCPP, PPET/PA/RCPP Four-layer material: PET/pure aluminum/PA/RCPP 2. Due to special purposes, the material properties Aspects will be considered as the key criteria. Such as acid resistance, alkali resistance, impact resistance, freezing resistance, barrier properties, etc. 3. The above materials have extremely stable chemical properties at high temperature. Regarding the question of whether the composite solvent will decompose, it is recommended to choose a packaging bag manufacturer with scale and experience. 4. Pay attention to the sterilization method. There are two methods of high temperature sterilization, high temperature and high pressure sterilization and low temperature and normal pressure sterilization. The advantage of low temperature and atmospheric pressure sterilization is that the stability of heating is relatively low, so the cellulose and protein of the food are not destroyed, and the taste is better preserved and tastes unchanged. And various nutrients are well preserved. The disadvantage is that because low temperature only kills pathogenic bacteria, there will be a large number of spoilage bacteria in the food, so the shelf life of food will be shorter than that of high temperature sterilization, and it is easy to cause product loss during transportation. High temperature and high pressure sterilization just solves this problem. Most of the bacteria and spoilage bacteria will be killed in the high temperature and high pressure environment, so the shelf life of the product can be greatly extended. However, the problem is that the high heating temperature will destroy the cellulose and protein of the food, resulting in the loss of some nutrients in the food, and the taste will be reduced.

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