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Prevent the aging of aluminum foil bags

Aluminum foil bags are closely related to our lives, do you know how to prevent aging? The following will introduce to you how to prevent aging of aluminum foil bags. Composite packaging bags, plastic packaging bags Aluminum foil bags in the natural environment under direct sunlight, the strength will drop by about 25% after one week, and will drop by about 40% after two weeks, and it is basically unusable. Storage issues are important. After the aluminum foil bag is packaged, it will be exposed to direct sunlight in the open air, and the intensity will decrease, so try to avoid direct sunlight. Excessive participation of recycled materials in vacuum packaging bags and tea packaging bags is also one of the reasons for accelerating its aging. In the process of storage and transportation, the temperature is too high or it encounters rain, resulting in a decrease in its strength and failure to meet the quality requirements for maintaining the contents of the interior. Therefore, high temperature and rain washing are prohibited in normal times. food bags, food packaging bags

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