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Principle and process of tea packaging bag substrate composite

The interface formation process and interface action mechanism of the composite materials tell us that the mechanism process of the composite bonding of the tea packaging bag material substrate is very complex. Combined with the bonding process, the bonding process of the tea packaging bag packaging composite materials generally includes: 1. Surface treatment of the tea packaging bag substrate. This process includes the purification of the substrate surface, the treatment of the surface chemical structure and performance (corona treatment, plasma treatment, chemical treatment, etc.). This process is mainly to improve the basic conditions for the composite of the substrate surface, and to enhance the force on the adhesive interface of the tea packaging bag. 2. Apply proper amount of adhesive. The adhesive spreads the wet substrate under the pressure of the gluing roller to form a uniform adhesive film. 3. Diffusion and penetration of adhesive. 4. Adhesion bonding. After infiltration and diffusion, the active gene of the adhesive molecule and the polar gene of the substrate surface molecule are strongly adsorbed to form a secondary bond. 5. Chemical bonding. At a certain temperature, some functional groups of the adhesive react with the functional groups of the substrate to form chemical bonds. 6. Curing and curing. The solvent of the adhesive volatilizes further at a higher temperature, and the adhesive molecules further polymerize and solidify, forming a bonding and curing layer with good mechanical strength.


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