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Problems encountered in the production of frozen food packaging bags

Frozen food packaging bags are prone to the following problems in production: 1: The impact resistance of the bag is very poor. During transportation, loading and unloading, and shelf placement, it is easily damaged by external forces. The bag is easy to break open, which not only affects the appearance of the packaged product, but also cannot play its due role. Two: The flatness of the packaging bag itself is not good, and the production process is characterized by poor opening and low production efficiency. At the same time, the utilization rate of packaging bags will be reduced, resulting in cost waste. Three: The heat-sealing strength of the packaging bag is insufficient, and the heat-sealing temperature is high, which will cause damage to the heat-sealing layer, reduce the protective performance of the packaging bag, greatly shorten the shelf life of the contents, and make the contents unable to reach the corresponding shelf life. Four: The peeling strength between the layers of the packaging bag is small, the tensile breaking force is insufficient, and the mechanical properties are poor, resulting in delamination of the packaging bag. The packaging bag cannot achieve its proper load-bearing function and cannot effectively protect the contents. Five: The cold resistance of frozen food does not meet the requirements. Under low temperature conditions, the original performance of the material cannot be maintained, and the packaging material is fragile, which reduces the mechanical strength of the packaging material and causes the packaging bag to crack, which cannot meet the protection effect on the contents. Six: The easy-to-tear function of the packaging bag cannot be effectively exerted. Too much tear strength makes the packaging bag difficult to open, while too small tear strength makes the packaging bag have low mechanical properties. Therefore, it is necessary to meet the humanized design that the packaging bag is easy to tear, and to complete the protection of the product. Seven: The puncture performance of the packaging bag. Frozen foods are usually relatively hard after freezing, especially fish and meat products that contain bones and hard objects. The extrusion of the product during transportation and stacking is easy to puncture the packaging bag and damage the sealing performance of the packaging bag. Therefore, frozen food has high requirements on the puncture of packaging bags. The above is all about the “problems encountered in the production of frozen food packaging bags”.

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