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Problems that will occur in the working process of the food bag making machine

[Food bag] bag making machine, as the last item in the production process of the printing and packaging industry, is also the most cumbersome point of all processes. Why is the bag making process cumbersome? Composite packaging bags, aluminum foil bags, plastic packaging bags [food packaging] bag making, two simple words summarize this process point, but there are many points to pay attention to. The following will list them one by one. 1. Temperature, each bag needs to have its own suitable temperature, and the operator will record the temperature level of each hot knife in detail. If the temperature is too low, the bag will not be sealed tightly, and if the temperature is too high, the seal will be scorched. 2. Speed, why talk about speed? As we all know, time is also the cost of an enterprise, refer to as time cost. The idea of adding speed to save time is simple. But what’s the problem with going too fast? One is that the temperature at the sealing place cannot be reached and the sealing is not tight; 3. Static electricity, static electricity is ubiquitous in our life, and of course also exists on our products – bags. And what will static electricity bring us? When the bag is very thin, it is particularly important to pay attention to static electricity, because if there is static electricity, the produced bag will be uneven (because of mutual repulsion and attraction), and it will float in a mess at the outlet of the bag making machine. [plastic bag]

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