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Product quality problems of vacuum aluminum foil bags

Vacuum aluminum foil bags are a method in the packaging industry. Foods that use vacuum aluminum foil have a longer shelf life. Vacuum packaging bags, tea packaging bags Vacuum aluminum foil bags themselves have many packaging characteristics, considering the functions of acid and alkali resistance, wet and cold storage, cold storage, hot steaming, refrigeration and taste preservation; high resistance to water vapor and other gas infiltration; low cost, and Its health, safety, zero pollution and many other advantages. When the vacuum aluminum foil bag is used, there is a problem of air leakage or bag breakage, and the original packaging is lost. When the packaging factory produces the vacuum aluminum foil bag, it is a problem to ensure the quality. If the quality of food bags and food packaging bags is analyzed and judged according to whether the appearance is detailed, the quality is high quality and there is no obvious imprint in the appearance, etc., considering the actual effect, the sealing firmness must be guaranteed, and put both hands into the vacuum aluminum foil bag. , Tear evenly and forcefully in the opposite direction. If the seal will not fall off even if it is deformed when torn, the seal will be firm and stable; the infiltration of the vacuum aluminum foil bag must be mainly inspected by the packaging manufacturer, including oxygen permeability and water permeability. , melt flow rate and other characteristics, the method can be used during inspection, put the additives into the bag for sealing, and then place the vacuum aluminum foil bag horizontally on the filter paper. characteristics are not qualified. Composite packaging bag, plastic packaging bag

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