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Production of aluminum foil bags, retort bags, and aluminized composite films

Aluminized composite films, aluminum foil bags, and cooking bags are all common products in the industry. Mastering the production process and salient points of these products is the basic skill of the industry. This article summarizes the production of these three products in simple words(gist.Do aluminized composite film? 1, Choose the right gluechoose the rightVMCPP,VMPE(polyethylene)Tand other special glue for aluminized film composite, different manufacturersVMCPPandVMPETAfter compounding, the difference is very large. The retort bag manufacturer has a complete set of advanced production equipment, rich practical experience and professional technical personnel, serving many enterprises, and the products are widely used in the food industry/chemical industry, etc. 2, craft①The temperature of the oven and the composite roll are respectively lowered5-10°C;②The temperature of the curing room does not exceed45°C;③PET/VMPET/PECuring after the first pass1-2A second compounding is performed after an hour;④ If the air(AIR)dry, please reduce the curing dose10%.Do aluminum foil bags? 1, the choice of stitchingThe more patchwork, the cost(Cost)The lower, select the appropriate specification according to the equipment situation(specifications), can be greatly reduced (reduce)loss. 2, adhesive selectionchoose(xuanze)Adhesive with high initial tack, high solid content and good wettability. 3, craft①The amount of glue applied is about that of the white film1.5times. When the printing is full bottom or the printing area is large, the amount of glue should be further expanded.②Cure after the first compounding13The second compounding is carried out after an hour, and the product is cured.72Hour.③ Aluminum (Al)The foil does not pass through the flattening roll, but faces into the compounding roll. High temperature cooking bag food can be left intact in the bag, after high temperature (usually in120~135℃) sterilization heating, take out and eat. Proven for over ten years, it is an ideal sales packaging container. It is suitable for the packaging of meat and soy products, is convenient, hygienic and practical, and can well maintain the original flavor of the food, which is favored by consumers. The retort bag is mostly made of three layers of materials. The typical structure of the retort bag is: the outer layer is polyester film, which is used for reinforcement; the middle layer is aluminum foil, which is used to prevent light, moisture and air leakage; the inner layer is polyolefin membrane(such as polypropylene film), for heat sealing and contact with food.④ Tension (explain:Mutual pulling force when objects are under tension)control.⑤ The temperature of the oven and the composite roller should be increased as much as possible.Do cooking bags?The composite cooking bag film is a comprehensive test for the composite operation control personnel and equipment. By making the cooking bag film, the workshop management level and operation level can be comprehensively improved. 1,Material:PE(polyethylene)T, AL, NY, CPP,glue. 2, Coating amount:5-5.5g/m2(135°C) 4.5-5.5g/m2(121°C) 3, oven temperature (temperature)(60°C,70°C,80°C), Good ventilation and clean environment. 4, compound roll temperature(80-90°C), the composite roller pressure is as large as possible.

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