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Production points of aluminum foil bags, cooking bags and aluminized composite films

【Abstract】Aluminized composite film, aluminum foil bag, retort bag are several common products in the industry. Mastering the production process and key points of these products is the basic skill of the industry. This article summarizes the production points of these three products in simple words. For reference.【text】How to make aluminized composite film? 1, Choose the right gluechoose the rightVMCPP,VMPETand other special glue for aluminized film composite, different manufacturersVMCPPandVMPETAfter compounding, the difference is very large. 2, craft①The temperature of the oven and the composite roll are respectively lowered5-10°C;②The temperature of the curing room does not exceed45°C;③PET/VMPET/PE(CPP)Curing after the first pass1-2A second compounding is performed after an hour;④If the air is dry, please reduce the curing dose10%.How to make aluminum foil bags? 1, the choice of stitchingThe more the pieces are assembled, the lower the cost. Selecting the appropriate specifications according to the equipment conditions can greatly reduce the loss. 2, 1,Material:PET,AL,NY,CPP,glue. 2, Coating amount:5-5.5g/m2(135°C) 4.5-5.5g/m2(121°C) 3, oven temperature(60°C,70°C,80°C), good ventilation, clean environment(A point is a source of damage). 4, compound roll temperature(80-90°C), the composite roller pressure is as large as possible.

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