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Production process of biodegradable PLA stic bags

A small PLA stic bag is so simple, and it brings so much convenience to people’s life. But do you know how many processes a PLA stic bag needs to go through from birth to your hands?Today I will give you a brief introduction to the production process of biodegradable PLA stic bags.Biodegradable raw materials must first be made into particles. According to the needs of customers, the technical department develops corresponding formulas, and then the raw material particles can be manufactured.The second is film blowing. According to the size of the bag, the film blowing master will call out materials that match the specifications for the next process.With the film, it is necessary to print. Of course, there are also those that do not need to be printed, so the bags can be made directly. If there is printing, the film will flow to the printing process. The printing master will also print out the patterns required by the customers according to the needs of the customers, and our ink printing is more environmentally friendly.With the printed film, the bag can be made. The bag making process can actually be subdivided, such as making zipper bags, ziplock bags, bone strip bags or special-shaped bags. To make a PLA stic bag, especially a biodegradable PLA stic bag, temperature, speed, and equipment are all indispensable factors.So to put it simply, the production process of degradable PLA stic bags is granulation (most factories are outsourced) -blown film-print -Bag making seems simple, but it takes years of production experience to produce qualified products.

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