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Trusted Biodegradable plastic stand up mylar pouches bags supplier

Colors: Custom (1-10 colors Accept)
Material: Accept custom(Will give you the most professional advice)
Price: US$0.03-US$0.1 (final price will according final speficications of your bags)
MOQ: 5000pcs
Delivery time: 7-15days
Certificate: BRC, FSC, FDA, BSCI, ISO9001, SGS, CE
E-mail: Feynman@yltpacking.com

Product Details

Trusted Biodegradable plastic stand up mylar pouches bags supplier

As leaders in manufacturing packaging bags Since 2005, we connect the dots between strategy, customer experience, and operational effectiveness. By uniquely combining a branding and design team with our tailored production and logistical services, we deliver end-to-end service that results in impactful solutions.

Trusted Biodegradable plastic stand up mylar pouches bags supplier
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Personalize Yours Today

Whether you want to design your own packaging bags or get help from our team of professionals, we have your back. Either simply send over your design files or run it by us for a 100% free quote if you want to work with our designers.

Trusted Biodegradable plastic stand up mylar pouches bags supplier

In the evolving world of sustainable packaging, our Biodegradable Plastic Stand Up Mylar Pouches stand as a beacon of eco-responsibility and premium quality. Designed for businesses that prioritize environmental commitment without sacrificing functionality, these pouches are a testament to green packaging solutions.

Key Features:

  1. Eco-Friendly Composition: Made from biodegradable plastic, these pouches decompose naturally, reducing environmental impact and aligning with global sustainability initiatives.
  2. Robust Protection: The mylar material ensures optimal protection against external factors like moisture, light, and air, preserving the contents’ freshness and integrity.
  3. Stand-Up Design: The pouch’s ability to stand upright ensures optimal product display and efficient shelf space utilization, enhancing retail presentation.
  4. Sealability: Equipped with a secure sealing mechanism, these pouches ensure product freshness and extended shelf life.
  5. Customizable Branding: The surface of the pouches is primed for high-quality printing, allowing businesses to display their branding, product information, and other essential details prominently.


Ideally suited for a diverse range of products, from organic foods and artisanal goods to cosmetics and household items. These pouches not only protect the contents but also amplify a brand’s eco-conscious message.


Our Biodegradable Plastic Stand Up Mylar Pouches are the epitome of environmental stewardship combined with modern packaging design. For businesses aiming to intertwine their eco-values with product protection and presentation, these pouches are the definitive choice.












Leak-Proof Testing

Trusted Biodegradable plastic stand up mylar pouches bags supplier

Quality assurance for our stand-up pouches includes Leak-Proof Testing. We use the water immersion method to ensure unmatched protection.

We start by inflating pouches to mimic internal pressure, then submerge them in water to spot any leaks indicated by escaping bubbles. And we will adjust the stress to 70pa, if the bag will not escape any bubble, The bag will be perfect for leak-proof.

This meticulous process helps us identify seal issues early.

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The FAQs of Trusted Biodegradable plastic stand up mylar pouches bags supplier

A: We’re an experienced factory based in Shenzhen near HongKong, crafting packaging solutions for over 19 years.

A: Please provide bag type, size, material, thickness, printing colors, and quantity. If unsure, we’ll assist you based on our expertise.

A: Our starting MOQ is 500 pcs, but we’re flexible and open to discussion.

A: Absolutely, we specialize in OEM and will produce bags to your exact specifications.

A: Typically 10-15 days, depending on order quantity.

A: Yes, we offer free samples (shipping not included).

A: We accept various payment methods including Western Union, Credit Card, PayPal, T/T, and Trade Assurance. Contact us for more.

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