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Proofing fee calculation method

Proofing, also commonly known as mold opening and sample making. It means that the customer has not yet determined mass production, and wants to print a small number of samples to try it out to see if the sample meets its ideal range and whether it can meet the requirements. If there are no other minor problems, mass production can be carried out. So for bag proofing, general bag manufacturers will charge a proofing fee, and our company is no exception. The proofing fee is generally 1500, and the proofing fee for a printing is 1000 (please consult customer service for specific conditions and prices). For bag proofing, customers may also have various questions, such as: 1. For bag proofing, how many bags are there in general? 2. Why is the proofing fee so expensive? 3. How long is the proofing cycle? 4. Is the proofing fee refundable? and other related issues. For such questions, but also carefully answer the customer. Generally speaking, the proofing cycle is the same as the process of making large-scale goods. It also needs to go through the steps of plate-making-printing-compounding-curing-bag-making-cutting bags. Within 7~15 working days. 2. The bags produced by proofing are generally around 100. 3. In the process of proofing, it will cause huge loss of machinery and equipment, and it cannot be less than any process of making large-scale goods, so the proofing fee is relatively much more expensive than that of large-scale goods. 4. But when the specified quantity is reached, our company can refund the proofing fee, and the specific refund amount can be consulted customer service. , the plastic flexible packaging manufacturing expert around you! Professional food packaging bag, electronic aluminum foil bag, tea packaging bag, stand-up bag manufacturer.

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