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PVCWhat are the safety issues facing the film?

When food-grade polyvinyl chloride resin with low content of vinyl chloride monomer and non-toxic additives are used, plastic packaging for direct contact packaging of beverages, food and medicines that meet national standards can be obtained. However, once the polyvinyl chloride monomer content exceeds the standard or inappropriate additives are selected, it may cause safety problems in contact with food during the use of polyvinyl chloride packaging films.On the other hand, PVC packaging film waste will also have serious adverse effects on the ecological environment. Based on this, environmental protection departments in many countries or regions in the world have issued relevant laws and regulations to prohibit or restrictPVCof heavy use in Europe as early as1992Banned from usePVCAs food packaging materials, Japan is also2000Year banPVCPackage.According to the announcement of the Council of the World Packaging Organization, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, and European countries have completely bannedPVCAs a packaging material, Taiwan Province of China has also issued the “Clean Disposal of Waste”.2006Disabled sincePVCas packaging material.In China, in addition to attracting widespread attentionPVCIn addition to the safety issues of plastic wrap, there are alsoPVCtwisted conjunctiva,PVCheat shrink film,PVCWhen the twisting film is used for candy packaging, it directly touches the candy, and its impact is the same as that of the plastic wrap.

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