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PVDC Common problems and solutions in the smear process

PVDCCommon problems and solutions in the smear process1. Low transparency and gloss of the filmThe transparency and gloss of the film are very important indicators for sales packaging, because they directly affect the display effect of the packaging on the goods.PVDCCoated packaging films are widely used inIt is used for sales packaging of various goods, therefore,PVDCThe transparency and gloss of smear-type packaging films are performance indicators that need to be paid attention to.The reason for the low transparency and gloss of the film. It may arise from problems with emulsions or from improper control of production process conditions. 1.Problems with lotions PVDCThe transparency and gloss of the smear film are low, which may bePVDCThe amount of anti-sticking agent silica in the emulsion is too high. When the transparency and gloss are found to be low, the first thing to do is toPVDCThe formulation of the emulsion is checked and the amount of silica is controlled within1%-2%Within the range of , improving the filtration and stirring of the silica dispersion to avoid uneven distribution of silica is also one of the ways to solve the problem of low transparency and gloss of the film. 2.Improper coating processSmear construction into the winding too tight is also often caused byPVDCOne of the common reasons for the low transparency and gloss of the smear film is that the winding is too tight, so that there is almost no air between each layer of the film roll, and unevenness occurs, the mechanical fitting of the coating, and the unwinding. when thisFitting and separation will destroy the smoothness of the surface, resulting in a decrease in product finish and an increase in haze. Due to the problem of low transparency and gloss caused by too tight winding, the tension value can be adjusted appropriately and the formula can be added appropriately. Measures such as tension attenuation or appropriate differential reduction of roll pressure can be solved.2. Coating lineThe existence of the coating line, on the one hand, reduces the appearance performance of the film, and at the same time, the existence of the coating line may also cause weak points in the coating, resulting inPVDCThe barrier properties of coated packaging films are greatly reduced, so high-quality products are not allowed to have obvious coating lines.The new blade has burrs, or the used blade has a dry and solid coating, the blade has micro-cuts, the coating material itself is dirty, there are solid particles between the blade and the coating roller, and the coating roller is blocked, etc., may be inPVDCCorresponding targeted measures can be taken to solve the occurrence of coating lines on the surface of the coated film, such as grinding and repairing the scraper with burrs and micro-holes, replacing it with a high-quality scraper if necessary, and strictly managing the latex With filtration, prevent the coating roller from blocking the plate.3. Missing coatingAs the name implies, missed coating means that some areas on the surface of the coated film are not covered.PVDCCoating coverage, the hazard of missing coating will be greatly reducedPVDCThe barrier property of the coating type packaging film, thus losing the reliable protection function of the high barrier film to the packaged goods, so it is a coating type packaging film.PVDCNot allowed in the production process of barrier packaging film,There are four types of missed coating, the primer coating and the

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