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Reasons and solutions for poor adhesion of food bag packaging!food bag packaging

Causes: 1. Improper selection of food bag adhesive, improper setting of gluing amount, and wrong ratio measurement; 2. The dilution of the food bag contains alcohol and water that consume NCO base, so that the tibial base of the main agent does not react. 3. The adhesive is absorbed by the printing ink, so that the amount of glue is insufficient. 4. The adaptation period of the food bag adhesive has expired. 5. The curing time and temperature are improper. 6。 The surface treatment of polyurethane shin film is not enough 7. The composite adjustment and pressure are low, and the speed is fast 8. The surface temperature of composite steel roller is too low, and the activation of adhesive is not enough 9. The residual solvent is too high. terms of settlement; 1. Select the brand and coating amount of the adhesive again and prepare it accurately 2. Dilute it with high-purity solvent 3. Reset the formula and coating amount 4. Replace the adhesive 5. Increase the ripening temperature or extend the ripening time of the food bag appropriately 6. Increase the voltage and current of the corona treatment of the food bag 7. Increase the composite temperature and pressure of the food bag and reduce the composite speed appropriately 8. Increase the composite temperature 9. Increase the drying temperature or slow the composite speed.

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