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Reasons and solutions for poor transparency of composite packaging bags?

In the process of extrusion lamination or extrusion coating to produce flexible packaging composite materials, extrusion composite materials often have various quality problems, such as poor lamination and poor transparency, because these quality problems involve both the substrate and ink, Adhesives, even equipment and processes, climate environment and many other aspects, so effective quality control is the key to extrusion lamination or extrusion coating production. The following focuses on the problem of poor transparency.cause:1.The surface temperature of the cooling roller is too high;2.The surface roller is not in good condition and is too rough;3.Insufficient pressure of composite roller4. ACThe initial adhesion of the agent is poor,5.The substrate or extrusion cured resin precipitates too much filler.6.Insufficient or uneven resin extrusion melt plasticization7.The surface temperature of the composite rubber pressing roller is rough or there are foreign objects.Solution:1.Appropriately lower the temperature.2.Change to a cooler roll with a higher finish3.Increase compound pressure4.Choose high initial viscosityACagent5.Reduce the amount of filler.6.Adjust various process parameters of extrusion,7.Replace the press roller in good condition.

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