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Reasons for composite film delamination in duck breast cooking bags

Duck breast is a common snack food with high protein and low fat, loose fiber, fresh and tender meat, fat but not greasy. It is a delicious drink and a good gift for guests. After some bagged duck breasts were bagged, heat-sealed and retorted and sterilized, the bags were delaminated. The so-called delamination phenomenon means that the monolayers of the composite membrane are not tightly combined, but separated. The layering phenomenon of finished duck breast packaging will not only seriously affect the brand image of the company, reduce the quality level of duck breast in the minds of consumers, but also affect the physical and mechanical properties of the packaging bag itself such as oxygen permeability, impact resistance and puncture resistance. Adverse effects may lead to oxidative deterioration of duck breast, air leakage, bag breakage and other problems. Delamination of duck breast cooking bags. After packaging the duck breast, the peel strength of the sample deteriorated greatly, which is the direct cause of the delamination of the composite film. The main difference between the packaging bag after packaging the duck breast and the original packaging film is that the former is in contact with the duck breast. Therefore, the poor grease resistance and high temperature resistance of the packaging material is likely to be the main reason for the delamination of the composite film. The delamination problem of duck breast cooking bags has always been a difficult problem for enterprises. Strengthening the detection of peel strength performance of packaging materials when entering the factory is an important measure to prevent packaging delamination.

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