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Recycled fully biodegradable plastic bags are also good and bad

People who know about customized fully biodegradable plastic bags should understand that the customized materials of fully biodegradable plastic bags can be divided into new materials and circulatory system remodeling materials. Biodegradable materials are accompanied by the improvement of people’s concept of protecting the ecological environmentthe continuous reduction of coal resources, the replacement of traditional crude oil-based polymers by biodegradable polymers has already become a development trend in the future. Biodegradable raw materials can be completely dissolved by microbial strains into low-molecular-structure organic compounds under moderate and explanatory geographical environmental standards. Biodegradable porcelain and biodegradable plastic two categories. Interference regularity of water-repellent properties of biodegradable particulate matter, obtainedSPIThe processing technology standards for modified materials of biodegradable materials are:SPIRatio of mass to volume of tetrahydrofuran1:3, and the use of orthogonal and compositional experimental designs improves theSPIStandard for Modified Materials of Biodegradable Materials; Prepared under StandardSPIThe tensile strength of the biodegradable material is8.61MPa, the tensile strength is196.78%, the water absorption is31.6%What is the difference between what is recycled material and what is new material? If you are interested in knowing a lot of material. Do you know that recycled materials can be good or bad? 1, Surface smoothness is the main index value to consider the quality grade of various recycled materials.The surface of high-quality recycled material is smooth and lubricated 2, Clarity is the main indicator value to consider the quality grade of high-end recycled materials.Fully transparent material of very good quality 3, Color balance and consistency are the main factor index values for considering the quality and safety level of China’s non-ferrous recycled pellets.Milky white, milky white, pale yellow, dark blue, gray black and other colors 4, The compaction degree of particulate matter is the key content level to detect the development trend of technology that can regenerate technology. The melting is poor and the particulate matter is loose. 5, Check whether the recycled particulate matter is ups and downs, tap water detectionpp,peFiller composition for particulate matter.As far as recycled materials are concerned, different recycled materials have different main uses. Since there is no unified specification, it is difficult to completely meet the technical standards of customers.

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