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Recycled plastics must become a new trend in the plastic bag industry

At present, the market trend of recycled plastics has become a new trend in the plastic industry in the near future, but there are certain difficulties in obtaining recycled plastics, and the number is still limited. However, if each party in the supply chain can communicate and cooperate with each other, the packaging industry will certainly improve the utilization rate of recycled plastics in 2014. Recycled plastics have great environmental advantages over traditional plastics. Take polyester as an example. The energy demand of recycled polyester is less than 2/3 of the original, and 2/3 of sulfur dioxide and 1/2 of nitrogen dioxide are reduced. The water consumption is also reduced by 10 times. At the same time, there is no need to landfill the original plastic. Recycled plastics have become the trend of industrial development with bright prospects. With the technological innovation of products and the adjustment of industrial structure, China’s renewable plastics industry has made great progress and is developing towards high-quality, multi variety and high-tech. The market environment of renewable plastics has begun to take shape. Recycled plastics can be seen in textile, automobile, food and beverage packaging, electronics and other fields. In addition, a city consumes more than 10 tons of plastic products such as plastic food bags every day, and there are a large number of waste plastics that can be recycled in rural areas. China has formed a number of large-scale distribution centers and processing centers for recycling old plastics, and the prospect of the renewable plastics industry is promising. Of course, the current recycled plastics industry is still in the development stage, and there are still some problems. Due to the wide range of sources of recycled plastics, including plastic films, plastic packaging boxes, plastic containers, daily plastic products, plastic bags, plastic wires, etc., the quality is uneven. In the process of unified recycling and re molding, there may be large performance differences between batches of new products due to differences in raw materials. In addition, the price of recycled plastic is 30% – 50% higher than that of the original plastic due to its complex production process and high production cost. It is believed that with the further development of technology, the production price will gradually decline. According to the Research Report on Market Analysis and Development Prospects of China’s Recycled Plastic Sheets from 2013 to 2017, Shangpu Consulting pointed out that recycled plastics are no longer considered as inferior products, and can only be treated as waste products or directly degraded. Although there are still problems such as poor stability, they are increasingly favored due to their natural advantages of environmental protection, and recycled plastics have become a trend in the development of the plastic industry. Enterprises should firmly grasp the development opportunities, expand and refine the scale of the industry, and promote the rapid and healthy development of the industry. In the future, the renewable plastics industry will still be the development trend, and its future is still bright. Therefore, relevant experts suggest that the domestic renewable plastics industry should firmly grasp the historical opportunity of development, and do a better job of expanding the scale of the industry, so as to promote the pace of industrialization and leapfrog development of the industry.

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