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Relevant standards for green food packaging bags

The first impression of food bags in people’s minds is convenience, and secondly, they all think that it is a pollutant, and they will say one or two “evil deeds”. In the soil, however, green food packaging bags do not “come together” with it. China YLTpacking Plastic Bag Co., Ltd. timely creates non-toxic and pollution-free green food packaging. The green food logo is used on food packaging bags, labels or in advertising and can only be used on products for which the logo is licensed. For example: a beverage manufacturer’s products include apple juice, peach juice, clear juice, etc. Among them, only apple juice has obtained the right to use the green food logo, and the enterprise cannot use the green food logo on the packaging of peach juice and clear juice. Advertising slogans such as “So-and-so juice, green food” are also not used, and only “So-and-so apple juice, green food” is used to avoid misunderstandings to consumers. In addition, on a series of products, such as a tea factory Yunwu Green Tea, after obtaining the right to use the logo, it uses the green food logo on the undeclared Yinhao green tea; on the products of joint ventures and joint ventures, such as A milk powder produced by a milk powder factory in Shandong Province. After obtaining the right to use the logo of the brand milk powder, the use of the green food logo on the brand B milk powder produced by its Henan affiliated enterprise without authorization is to expand the scope of use without authorization and is not allowed. The QS mark is the food quality and safety market access mark, that is, the food production license mark, and the QS mark belongs to the quality mark of packaging bag manufacturers. The use of the QS mark on the food produced by the enterprise indicates that the enterprise promises that its products have passed the inspection and meet the food quality. Basic requirements for safety. Foods that implement the food quality and safety market standard system must be printed with the QS mark on their packaging or labels before leaving the factory. Without the QS mark, they shall not be sold.

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