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Requirements for biscuit packaging film

A while ago, I received an inquiry from a customer in Sichuan. According to the customer, the packaging film for chocolate sandwich biscuits made by other companies for their company is an aluminized composite film made of aluminized film and plastic film. After the packaged biscuits have been stored for a period of time, the unsealed biscuits do not taste crisp, so we need to find the company to customize the packaging film and ask if our company can solve this problem. To this question, we answered him very definitely: this is a very easy problem to solve. For food packaging that must not be affected by moisture, such as biscuits, we have a special testing laboratory that will strictly test the packaging film, such as: the heat sealing strength of the packaging film, the amount of oxygen transmission, the amount of oxygen transmission after kneading, the amount of water vapor transmission, the excessive amount of water vapor transmission after kneading, the sealing performance and other important performance, so as to improve the customer’s satisfaction. We have accumulated a lot of production experience since we set up the factory 18 years ago, which is also the reason why we can give timely feedback to customers’ needs. Although there are many kinds of packaging materials, and many new materials are constantly developed, we should pay attention to the selection of materials for this type of food packaging: first, the barrier property of the materials is good. If the barrier property is not good, the water vapor in the air will penetrate into the interior of the packaging through the packaging film, especially at high temperatures. Secondly, the materials should also have a strong rubbing resistance. Among many commonly used materials, especially the composite film made of aluminum (pure aluminum or aluminum plated) materials, the rubbing resistance is relatively poor, and the packaging is prone to wrinkles and pinholes during transportation and sales. Thirdly, the sealing property of the material is good. For this performance, the most common problem is the air leakage of the packaging bag, especially at the sealing position of the packaging bag. Why is the sealing good, too high or too low and uneven, which will lead to air leakage. To sum up, for food packaging bags such as chocolate biscuits, they are very knowledgeable in the selection of materials, the production of packaging film and food packaging. Only by doing the best in each link can the hidden danger of air leakage of packaging bags not occur.

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