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Requirements for composite packaging films

Composite packaging film, also known as composite film, is generally used in many mass production, which can reduce the production load of enterprises and improve production efficiency; and some products such as food products, pharmaceutical products, granular products, sheet products, etc., will not Contaminate the product. The composite packaging film is installed on the automatic packaging machine, and its packaging shapes include three-side sealing bags, four-side sealing bags, and middle-sealing bags. The composite packaging film is only a form of packaging bag. Although it is made into a film without sealing, the material performance of the packaging film is the same as that of the packaging bag. There are also many details to pay attention to in the production of composite packaging film: First, it is the guarantee of the processing thickness of the composite packaging film. Be very even. The general industry will require that the thickness of the composite packaging film be within plus or minus 5 wires. This also requires that the manufacturer of composite packaging film must choose a manufacturer of regular packaging materials when selecting materials. Secondly, the material selection of the composite packaging film also has a great influence on the use of the packaging bag. For example, packaging films such as pharmaceuticals have stricter requirements for air moisture, so the barrier properties of the packaging films must be very good. . The quality of barrier properties is also reflected in the packaging of chemical packaging films. The use of composite packaging film is not only comparable to that of finished packaging bags, but also greatly improves the production efficiency of enterprises. Composite packaging film, YLTpacking’s innovative production technology in the industry, can provide you exactly what you need.

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