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Requirements for material selection of food packaging bags

In the previous article, I talked to you about the impact of plastic flexible packaging on the printing and compounding of packaging bags. We also have some basic understanding of plastic flexible packaging materials. Then in this article, I will analyze the use of food packaging bags with you. Matters needing attention in the selection of materials. First of all, we need to know the basic requirements of food packaging bags for plastic flexible packaging: non-toxic, odorless, no solvent residue, no chemical reaction with the food in the bag, in line with food hygiene standards. This is the most basic requirement for food packaging bags. Secondly, we need to understand the role of food packaging bags on food. Food packaging bags need the food in the bag to play the role of safety, hygiene and prolong the shelf life of the food in the bag. So what aspects of general food should we pay attention to? Here, the bag factory will introduce the knowledge of food packaging for everyone: 1. Fruits and meat products need to be kept fresh and moisturizing; 2. Flour and rice need to be moisture-proof and moth-proof; dried fruits and roasted seeds and nuts need to be moisture-proof and mildew-proof 3. Fried food should be oil-proof and quality-proof; 4. Puffed food and tea should be moisture-proof and shatter-proof; cooked food and meat products should be vacuum-resistant and resistant to high temperature cooking; 5. Soy products should be anti-sticking and anti-mildew Function; pure milk and dairy products need to be sterile or sterilized; 6. Edible salt needs to be load-bearing, moisture-proof and anti-corrosion packaging; 7. Wine, soy sauce, vinegar, etc. need anti-leakage packaging; 8. Star anise, pepper and other seasonings The product needs fragrance-preserving packaging, etc. It can be seen from the above eight aspects of packaging that the packaging materials used will be different for different foods, so when you come to order food packaging bags, please inform us as soon as possible what food needs to be packaged. The more detailed the product ordered, the more accurate the quotation will of course be.

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