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Rice packaging bags for food packaging bags

Rice packaging bag refers to the packaging of rice. The rice packaging bag adopts dry composite technology, through gravure printing, and provides customers with rice packaging bags, food packaging bags, food aluminum foil bags, etc. Plastic flexible packaging products. The types of rice packaging bags generally include rice vacuum packaging bags, portable rice packaging bags, 5KG rice packaging bags, 10KG rice packaging bags, rice brick bags and other types of rice packaging bags customized by customers. Generally, rice packaging bags are divided into positive and negative correlations. The front provides some information such as weight, brand, size, publicity map, etc., while the back is relatively more information, such as: product introduction, product name, trademark, product standard code, production date, Production address, manufacturer, shelf life, telephone, barcode and other product information. This information can be communicated to consumers, allowing consumers to have a better understanding of rice. The main process of rice packaging bags can be completed through multiple steps such as design, plate making, printing, compounding, curing, bag making, bag cutting, inspection, etc., which requires a relatively cumbersome process, so the production cycle of rice packaging bags generally takes 15 ~20 working days.

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