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rice packaging bags

At the end of the year, with the increase of orders, the pressure on manufacturers is also relatively large, especially in the quality link. We must ensure that the goods are delivered to customers on schedule, and we must also ensure their quality. Often at this time our production equipment is running at full capacity. At this time, the failure rate of equipment will also increase, especially for printing machines and composite machines. The packaging bags are prone to problems such as flying silk, white spots, hanging dirty, and poor coloring. The following will give you an analysis of the specific reasons. Vacuum packaging bags, tea packaging bags 1. Check whether the pressure of the ink scraper is reduced. When the pressure of the ink scraper is reduced, there will be knife threads and knife lines in the printed matter. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the angle and pressure of the scraper device. 2. Adhesion of the printing film The surface tension and static electricity of the printing film will directly affect the printing effect. When the surface tension is less than 35dyn (Da Yin), the adhesion of the ink will be poor, and the electrostatic coefficient will be too large. Causes blockage, resulting in white spots and missed coating. 3. Pressure problem If the printing pressure is insufficient or uneven, and there is poor contact between the lining body and the printing plate, the ink adhesion will become poor, and it is easy to cause printing color difference and printing quality problems. 4. Problems with the ink feeding device. When the iron roller of the ink fountain is poor in circularity or has wear and deformation, the steel plate of the ink fountain will be worn and deformed, and the mechanism that controls the rotation of the ink fountain roller is defective, so that the amount of ink supplied during the printing process is unstable, which will cause The generation of printing color difference. In addition, attention should be paid to the reasonable adjustment of the ink feeding device. The ink in the ink fountain should be fully increased or reduced. There are two adjustment methods. One is by adjusting the ink fountain steel sheet and the ink transfer (ink feeding) iron. The roller gap is realized; the second is realized by adjusting the size of the rotation arc of the ink transfer iron roller.

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