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Self-supporting tea packaging bags for tea packaging bags

There are various types of tea bags, such as three-side sealed tea bags, middle-sealed organ tea bags, and self-supporting tea bags. In this article, yltpacking will introduce you to a self-supporting tea packaging bag, as shown in the following figure: The above picture is a Taiwanese Alpine tea packaging bag, which adopts the bag-type self-supporting zipper bag type. This tea packaging bag is printed with dazzling colors according to the requirements of customers, giving customers a high-end, atmospheric and high-grade feeling. On the one hand, this tea packaging bag adopts a stand-up bag row type with a tray at the bottom. The bag can stand on its own and has a strong visual impact. On the other hand, it adopts an environmentally friendly zipper bag structure, which can be opened and used repeatedly. The self-supporting tea packaging bag is novel in shape and high in recycling rate, which gives customers a good feeling, so it has also been widely used in the field of tea packaging now.

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