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Seven reasons and solutions for the curling of food packaging bags

Some food packaging bags will have problems such as uneven packaging and deformation after packaging. What are the reasons for these phenomena? How should we decide? It is believed that many food manufacturers have encounte this situation more or less. After packaging products in plastic food packaging bags, the packaging surface is curled, the bag is distorted, the packaging is uneven, etc. The main reasons for these problems are Which ones should we solve? First of all, the main reasons for the warping and deformation of the package: 1. The heat resistance of the surface substrate film is poor; 2. The tension matching control of the composite substrate during the compounding process is not properly controlled, resulting in residual stress after curing and shaping. , especially when the thickness of the composite film is thin, such failures are more likely to occur; 3. The thickness of the composite film is inconsistent; 4. Insufficient cooling; 5. Insufficient curing time; 6. In the longitudinal heat sealing knife part, the running track of the composite film is not straight; 7. The heat sealing temperature is too high or the heat sealing time is too long; The reason should be adjusted accordingly to avoid unnecessary losses. The following are some of the coping methods we have summarized: 1. Re-select the surface substrate film, remember not to be greedy and choose a little knowledge of the substrate; 2. Adjust the composite The tension of each part of the processing equipment, try to make the retraction rate of the two composite substrates equal; 3. Adjust the tension of the floating roller during the composite to make the thickness as consistent as possible; 4. Fully cool; 5. Fully mature, but also Do not overcook the material, otherwise it will easily cause adhesion. This degree must be maste; 6. Select the inner sealing substrate with low temperature heat sealing; 7. Adjust the heat sealing temperature to a suitable temperature. Vacuum packaging bags, tea packaging bags The above are some of the reasons why food bags will curl up after containing products and some solutions that can solve the problem. I hope the above will help you.

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