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Several common types of small food packaging bags

China mainly produces rice food packaging bags, tea packaging bags, dried fruit packaging bags, whole grain packaging bags, red dates packaging bags and other food packaging bags. So what are the common bag types of these food packaging bags? In this article, China comes to summarize with you. The most common are: three-side sealing food packaging bags, three-side sealing food packaging bags are the most common and most common type of bags, and many bags need to be processed on the basis of them, (for example: three-side sealing zipper bags, three-side sealing zipper bags, Sealed yin and yang bags, etc. are improved and innovated on the basis of three-side sealed bags). Second, the food stand-up bag of the food packaging bag type is also called a stand-up bag, a stand-up bag, etc. There is a tray at the bottom of this packaging bag. After packaging the food, it can stand on the shelf by itself, which has a good visual impact. It is a higher-end bag type among food packaging bags. The self-supporting zipper bag, the self-supporting yin-yang bag and other bag types can be extended through the self-supporting bag. Because of its good advertising effect, the food self-supporting bag is selected in the process of food packaging. more and more. Third, the back seal bag of the food packaging bag type. This type of packaging bag is commonly used in the packaging of vermicelli, tea, grains and other products. It refers to the packaging bag with no seal on the front, and a complete design drawing can be designed and sealed on the back. This type of packaging bag has a strong display effect and a firm sealing position. Fourth, the food packaging bag is a brick bag. Brick bags can also be said to be vacuum bags. This type of packaging bag is often used for the packaging of rice and whole grains. It is characterized by vacuuming after packaging related products, and then sealing. Shaped like a brick. Of course, other bag types will also be widely used in food packaging bags. Here are a few common bag types for your reference.

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