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Several confusions about food packaging bags

With so many dazzling items on the supermarket shelves today, how do you find the items you like??This requires a lot of work on the food packaging bags, mainly to observe the identification information on the food packaging bags, but sometimes it is precisely because of the labels, which brings endless trouble to consumers.frozen food”unpacked for sale “?Most food shopping malls, especially food supermarkets, must have frozen food counters. For frozen food, bulk goods have been sold for a long time in the past. This business method that does not meet the requirements of food hygiene has been criticized and stopped by relevant parties, and it was cancelled after being disclosed by the media. Some large-scale quick-frozen food enterprises in China have changed the original large packaging to small packaging to supply the market.How to identify the production batch and expiration date ?The packaging of many foods still uses relatively backward hot-pressing molds to indicate the production batch and shelf life, and this process is often carried out together with heat-sealing, so it is often caused by uneven folds of the sealing or due to compression molding. The indentation is too light and too shallow, which makes the production batch and expiration date ambiguous, making it impossible for consumers to identify and identify. Although some products use advanced inkjet technology, manufacturers often unintentionally or intentionally spray the date in big black characters on the packaging bag or in a corner that is not easy to find.Today’s food production date is tomorrow ?Any kind of food needs to be fresh in quality, but when someone buys goods in the supermarket, they find that the production date is the next day, which is shocking. For foods with a relatively short shelf life in supermarkets, such as milk, you must pay attention to the production date and shelf life, and beware of buying”fake”.

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