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Several printing methods of vacuum bags!

There are more and more vacuum bags in daily life. Now many foods must be packaged in such packaging bags to ensure the quality of the products, avoid food deterioration, and make the shelf life longer. But do you know several printing methods of vacuum bag printing? 1. Letterpress printing; 2. Gravure printing; 3. Lithographic printing; 4. Screen printing; 5. Photocopying; 6. Thermal transfer printing; 7. Electrostatic copying; 8. Inkjet printing. Among them, the first three printing methods are relatively common, and the printed matter produced by the first three methods occupies a large part of the printed matter produced each year. Below, for each printing process, a brief description is given: Letterpress printing The ink is transferred to the paper when the ink is applied to a prominent appearance and a sheet of paper is overlaid on the inked appearance. The method of printing using this principle is called letterpress printing. Letterpress printing is the oldest printing method. There are many different printing plates used today on different types of presses to print rich, colorful, and ever-changing products, including newspapers, books, and magazines. Food bags, food packaging bags Gravure printing Gravure printing transfers ink from a prominent appearance to the paper, and the gravure printing process is just the opposite. In the gravure printing process, the ink is transferred to the paper from a recessed appearance, and the graphic portion of the gravure plate is below or sinks into the appearance of the printing plate. In the printing process, first apply ink on the entire surface of the printing plate, and then wipe the layout clean, so that the ink is left on the concave part of the printing plate, and then the paper is pressed on the printing plate, and the ink is also transmitted. on paper. [Foil bag]

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